Our team consists of six kind and dedicated people committed to the highest level of care for patients and each other.

Our office manager collaborates with patients and coordinates their appointments, insurance, and the back office. She is highly knowledgeable and experienced working for many years in the industry and fulfills all duties she is responsible for.

We have two experienced Registered dental hygienists who are highly trained and committed to the highest level of care for their patients to meet their dental needs in a pain and stress-free pleasant environment. 

Our two Registered dental assistants are fully knowledgeable and capable of following all ADA and OSHA standards to keep our patients happy and the office environment safe. All hygienic protocols mandated by legal authorities are carefully followed with regular daily, weekly, and monthly tests.

We use the DENTAQUA disinfectant system which is a highly environment-friendly system to sanitize and disinfect all the office premises.



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