Our Philosophy

Dr. Daryoush Aberoumand and his team are dedicated to making dental treatment and dental sessions stress-free and painless for all with the budget affordable for each patient.

We want you to feel heard, secure, informed, and at ease in our care. Our goal is for you to finish each visit free of pain, healthier, happier, and confident you have received the best clinical care and customer service. Seeing your pleased smile at the end of an appointment makes our day!

Establishing, Maintaining, and Improving Oral Health – One Person and One Smile at a Time

You are unique, with specific dental concerns, expectations, and constraints. We believe you deserve dental care that works for the whole of your life, is timely and affordable, and delivers the best results possible.

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach to dentistry, we believe in caring for your oral health in a holistic manner. Starting with your complimentary consultation, we ensure time for us to listen, learning what you do and do not want from us. Please know we are non-judgmental and want only what is best for you. The better we understand your situation, the better we can tailor your treatment plan to provide the experience and outcome you seek.

Comprehensive Smile Care Solutions

We take pride in offering advanced dentistry for all ages. From regular cleanings and preventive care to oral surgery and quality restorations, we will help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles!

  • Dr. Aberoumand has extensive experience and specialized training in diagnosing and correcting most oral health concerns. He utilizes leading-edge technologies for diagnostics and treatment planning, provides same-day CEREC® crowns and restorations, and offers variable dental implant systems.
  • Our team is composed of professional, experienced, and dedicated people working hard and efficiently to help our patients reach their oral health, function, and aesthetic goals. From the front office through the clinic, our team members place patient safety, comfort, and well-being as the top priorities.
  • Understanding dental anxiety is real and that fear can keep people from seeking care, we ensure stress-free, painless visits. Along with a gentle touch, we offer safe and effective levels of sedation, including oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and IV sedation. If you would like to discuss these options, please do not hesitate to ask: we want you to be at ease so you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile!

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Choosing the right dental home for yourself and your loved ones is important. You deserve a welcoming practice, with a skilled, compassionate doctor and experienced team who are united in our desire to deliver individual care. We believe we offer all that, and more, and invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to start the conversation.

This is the perfect day to learn how we can help you achieve and enjoy your healthiest, most radiant smile. Please contact our Modesto, CA dental office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Aberoumand, today!



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